Employee management system

Improve your management in your business with a smart HR system, that will keep your employees engaged and data well organized. And more importantly, it gets your day-to-day job easier, by reducing administrative work through automation and by streamlining administrative processes.

Employee details
All information regards the employees is securely recorded and accessible when needed by the Human Resource managers. From the date of birth to the date of employment or emergency contacts, the personal details of the employee will be accessible. Owning the big-picture view has never been easier.

Employee profiles
Besides the general contact details of each employee, records such as Time Off, Timesheets, Supervisors are available. Next time when you are looking for the department and responsible employees of a specific staff member you will have it nicely arranged. A paperless organization is one that is designed for the cloud.

Contracts and HR documents
Having all the employee data would not be completed without the relevant employment documents. Searching for an employment contract or training certificate through paper, emails, and shared folders might be challenging. What about having the essential employee docs nicely sorted into the employee profile so that you can find them with ease. Extra: The software allows importing multiple employee documents. 

What is an employee management system? 

An employee management system is an HR tool designed to facilitate and optimize team management.

What are the benefits of using an Employee Management System?

Keeping track of your onboarding measures is important, however in addition to this, such tools ensure compliance and help HR pro’s to focus on important work rather than tedious administrative work, such as chasing for papers, sending emails asking information regarding the absences of an employee or providing to a manager details about the attendance in his team.

Improve workplace management and efficiency
How often have you encountered human errors or inconsistencies among data sources? It’s time to create some consistency by unifying employee record keeping. Access to sensitive data will be protected by different layers of access. The real-time reports help to identify the top performers and optimize staffing. Your workload will be optimized through integrations since redundant administrative tasks will be eliminated. 

Better employee engagement
The great business is one where employees are highly engaged, where they are valuable. Reflect on the benefits of satisfaction surveys, performance reviews, staff development evaluations, and goal tracking across the organization. Employee management systems are made to create a solid organizational culture and facilitate the exchange of feedback regularly. 

HR insights to propel your business forward
Human resource analytics helps managers to plan better, to measure productivity, to facilitate payroll and support the hiring plan. If absenteeism, overtime or turnover are some topics that you’re discussing within your business, then having a clear picture, is the first step towards identifying the causes of such problems. Filtering per team, manager or the entire organization will help you to gain actionable insights and real-time reports that you can bring to the next management meeting.

Time management
An app that facilitates time tracking, including hours, overtime, breaks and the export timecard is essential to optimize labor costs.


Employee management goes both ways - as an employee and as a team. If you’re working in HR, make the right decisions to ensure staff happy, engaged and motivated. A smart tool can help you achieve such goals besides improving trust and the overall efficiency.