Employee Portal

Give employees secure access to HR data and release the HR department of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Improve HR data flows by replacing the complicated scheme of emails and data inquiries with employee portal software. Employees will have secure access to a personal dashboard from anywhere and using any device. Boost productivity with a transparent and secure system that increases the levels of responsibility and performance.

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The benefits of using an Employee Portal

  • Improved experience – An efficient flow for requesting time-off, better leave planning, secure access to work documents
  • Accessibility – Secure login from any device and location
  • Customizable – Set up the perfect employee portal for your company
  • Improved performance – Release the HR department of administrative tasks in favor of analyzing trends and workforce behavior.
  • Improved productivity – Avoid leave clashes and absence, improve task planning, and support remote work.

Save time for essential tasks

Automate HR processes, and you’ll have more time for complex and essential tasks. Employee portals provide tools for tracking absences, analyzing team vacation calendars, and creating reports. You’ll have all data in one place. No mistakes, no lost files. Besides, you’ll have access to dynamically generated HR templates.

Employee portal features

  • Accurate leave balances
  • Online leave requests
  • Instant notifications for managers
  • Access to shared team calendars
  • Submit your timesheets
  • Sync with calendars and collaborative tools
  • Automate HR processes
  • Dynamically generated HR templates
  • Secure access with custom access rights

Frequently asked questions:

What is an employee portal?

An employee portal is HR dedicated software that allows employees to have access to their work-related data. It provides multiple functionalities such as leave management, HR templates, reports, sync with calendars and collaborative tools, flows for requesting and approving leave, and notifications.

How does an employee portal work?

An employee portal is a web-based app that runs in the cloud. You can access it using a browser, from any location, and using any device. Each user receives secure login credentials and has access to a personal dashboard.