Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling is essential to help operations run effectively across the business. Additionally, work scheduling ensures efficient planning, communication and labor costs. When it comes to time management for employees we have prepared an employee schedule template in Microsoft Excel format that you can use for free.

There are many challenges an HR specialist must face. Crafting the perfect employee work schedule is one of them.

We live in the era of technology, so there are many employee scheduling apps out there, but sometimes less is more. And a simple employee schedule it’s the ideal way to keep track of everyone’s agenda.

Employee schedule template

You can now download for free our Work Schedule Template for Excel and you can customize it according to the needs of your team!

1. Why do you need an employee schedule template?

  • It’s easier to calculate scheduled hours by employee.
  • You have an overall perspective of all the roles- you can quickly check if every position is covered for the week.
  • It’s more convenient to share the schedule with your team, in a ready-to-read format.
  • The included calculator will help you prevent overtime and control labor costs.

2. How do you use the Employee Schedule Template we offer?

  1. Download the Excel template here.
  2. Then import it into one of the popular spreadsheet programs: Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets etc.
  3. Modify the spreadsheet with your employees’ names plus other relevant data.
  4. After finishing the work schedule, save it print it out and place it somewhere your employees can easily see it. Also, do not forget to upload it in your intranet or even email it to all your team.

The main benefit of using a less complicated spreadsheet is that you have full control over the formatting of every worksheet. After customizing the template, you can save an empty copy of the worksheet. This way you can always have a blank version to duplicate or print.

3. Basic elements to build your employee work schedule:

  • Employee and employee’s role;
  • The sum of hours by employee and by day;
  • The sum of labor cost by day and by week;
  • The overtime calculator.

Avoid scheduling conflicts right now, with our printable Excel template!

Weekly Employee Schedule Template

Monthly Employee Schedule Template