Portugal time

What is the time in Lisbon, Portugal now in minutes and seconds?


Thursday, July 11, 2024

Current timezone: WEST
Current offset: UTC/GMT +01:00
Observe DST: Yes

DST starts on: Sunday, March 31, 2024

DST ends on: Sunday, October 27, 2024

Portugal has 2 timezones

1. Western European Time (continental Portugal)


Key cities within Spain with the same time: Lisbon, Porto, Cascais, Loures, Vila Nova da Gaia, Guimarães, Faro, Coimbra, Aveiro, Braga.

2. Azores Time (Azores Islands)

10:30:26 PM

Islands in Azores with the same time include: Corvo, Faial, Flores, Graciosa, Pico, Santa MAria, São Jorge, São Miguel (Ponta Delgada), Terceira, Formigas.

The IANA time zone identifier for Portugal is Europe/Lisbon and for Azores is Atlantic/Azores.

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