Top 8 Time Tracking Apps for Android

Time tracking can help you take productivity to the next level,and these great Android apps make it easier than ever.

If you are a contractor or freelancer or want to keep track of your time for personal reasons or your employees, plenty of apps can help you do it. In this article, we will explain how you choose the right one and showcase the options that are available in the market.

To make it easier to pick a tool that suits your needs, we've described 8 of the best time-tracking applications for Android below. There are several differences between them regarding features or pricing, so check out the comparative table at the end of the article to see which one you prefer.


What to look for in a time tracker?

When browsing through the wide range of free and paid time trackers, you might have thought of this question before actually starting to use such a tool. Let us help you with a few suggestions. For example, one of the most important things you could look for is the app's suitability for your team in terms of size, needs of its members, projects in progress, etc.

Another important thing is the possibility of testing the app. The results should satisfy yourself and your team. Eventually, your team members are the best critics, and you should hear their feedback before choosing the best app from this perspective.

If your place of work is flexible throughout the year, you should be looking for a time tracker that can be used on multiple devices. A good time tracker is optimized for various popular platforms, and the data can be easily synchronized.

In terms of pricing, you can choose between free tools and paid versions. Determine how much you can invest in such a solution and analyze if getting a time tracker will enhance your work and increase profit.

Lastly, a user-friendly interface might be helpful if you want to invest less time in additional formal training. The app is thus ready to use, and this can speed up your work. You might also be looking for a prompt customer support service in case you encounter technical difficulties or want to request specific features.


Our top choices:

  1. Work Log
  2. aTimeLogger
  3. Toggl
  4. Jiffy
  5. Swipetimes
  6. TrackingTime
  7. Timely
  8. Forest


1.Work Log

Work Log is a quick, easy, and free way to keep track of your shifts and calculate the number of hours worked and wages paid over your pay period. It has various customization options to ensure your work hours are calculated correctly. Some possibilities include tracking holiday hours, several types of overtime hours, and the ability to deduct breaks automatically.

Price: Free. Install Work Log Pro for extra features like tracking multiple jobs, removing ads, exporting all data as a spreadsheet (.CSV) or PDF, and backing up and importing all saved data as a database via email.

Easily customizable for all the information you want to keep track of. For anyone out there looking for an easy-to-use app to monitor your hours and earnings, I recommend this app. It has made tracking my hours across multiple job sites super easy. Great app and easy to use!” - Google Play Reviewer.



It is an application for tracking personal or working activities and is the right solution, especially for business people with a full schedule, sportsmen who value every minute of their day, parents who organize their children's daily activities, and everyone who wants to control and optimize their time.

With an easy and intuitive interface, aTimeLogger has features such as goals to reach, pause/resume, automatic time tracking. Statistics are available as graphs and pie charts, while reports can be extracted in formats such as CSV and HTML.

Price: Free, Premium $4.99 single (Goals, Reminders, and Reports available) and Premium Plus $9.99 single fee (Pomodoro, Charts, Calendar Integration available)

Though it's made for life tracking, if you own or are involved in multiple businesses this is a great app for tracking your time with them. Time is money and the ability to track my time for each of my ventures is invaluable. It does take some time to figure out as it's not the most intuitive, but once you figure it out it's great!” - Google Play Reviewer.


3.Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a simple (yet powerful) time tracker that helps you learn how much your time is worth. With this time tracking app, you'll be able to start tracking your hours and managing your work with just one click.

You can organize and add more details to your time entries by adding projects, clients, and tags. See where your work hours go and adjust your time accordingly.

Other features include daily, weekly, or monthly reports and graphs, suggestions and notifications, shortcuts, and a manual mode for more control.

If you are offline, you can still track your time through the app. Once you're back online, it will sync with your account and the rest of your devices.

Price: Free for 5 users.  Starter packages cost $10 per user/monthly (Billable rates, Time rounding, Project estimates, Tasks, Calendar integrations), Premium $20 per user/monthly (Fixed fee projects, Timesheet approvals, Reminders, Schedule report email, Forecasts, SSO).

Toggl does exactly what I want it to. The features are solid, especially for a free app. It's easy to use and the ability to export time entries allows me to perform my own data analysis on my data.” - Google Play Reviewer.



Jiffy is a time tracker designed for streamlined work time tracking, allowing you to spend a minimum amount of time but simultaneously generate an accurate time report.

Jiffy's beauty stays in its simplicity. Start, stop, and switch between your projects/tasks with a simple tap. With the calendar view, you can edit and add times and get a clear image over the full workweek. The logged time can be easily seen, summarized, and exported to your favorite cloud service.

Price: Free with history limited to 4 weeks, in-app purchases from $0.99 - $6.49 per item.

Excellent app! It is everything I need for a project time tracker. You can even input task notes afterward, in case you require additional notation! I had tried probably every single time tracker available for download but this one is perfect for my demanding agenda!” - Google Play Reviewer.



Swipetimes is a powerful yet very simple project-based time tracker. It will effortlessly let you measure your working time or any other activities. It offers a great user experience and makes time tracking straightforward and really enjoyable.

Key features include tracking time spent on projects and tasks, defining time goals and monitoring when you reach them, automated and manual backup, powerful reporting with specific filters and exporting to various formats like Excel, JSON, XML, and PDF.

Price: Free, in-app purchases starting from $0.99 to $31.99 per item.

This is probably the best time-tracking app out there. It's great that you can sync with an external Google calendar and see what you've done visually. The stats are well done and the widget makes it easy to start tracking quickly.” - Google Play Reviewer.



TrackingTime is a simple and powerful task manager that lets you stay organized and track your working hours in real time. You input a task, choose a project, and press play to start tracking time. With this app, you can organize your clients, projects, and tasks on your dashboard and see the work done by others on your team.

The Pro version has a calendar integration for managing and monitoring tasks and projects and a robust reporting feature where you can analyze your team's time and filter by project, client, or user.

Price: Free for teams of up to three people, Pro for $5.75/user/month (Task, time off, timecards), Freelancer $8/user/monthly (tasks, calendar, invoicing, billing rates, and billable hours), Business $10/per user/month (All in pro, audit logs, integrations ).

The integration between devices is what makes this so powerful. I can begin tracking my hours while in the elevator on my phone and adjust my activities on the computer throughout the day.” - Google Play Reviewer.



Timely is a time-tracking app that uses artificial intelligence to learn what you work on and automatically categorize it. Its algorithm gets more accurate as you edit and tag your tasks. The goal is that the software gets your routine right every time, so you don't have to edit categories after only a few weeks of time tracking.

It automatically tracks your time in web and desktop applications, client meetings, GPS locations, documents, browsers, and emails. Simple dashboards and powerful reporting make it easy to ensure that projects move forward and that budgets aren't exceeded.

Price: Free trial for 14 days, Starter at $9/user/month, Premium 16/user/month (max 50 users), Unlimited $25/user/month.

Great app for tracking my work tasks, calendar events get imported and I can bill my clients for stuff like meetings and calls as well as work tasks tracked via their desktop tracker. Everything shows up on a nice timeline and it's super easy to edit events or create new ones and get a quick overview of how my time is being used. Awesome productivity tool!” - Google Play Reviewer.



Forest is an app that uses concepts from video games to make time tracking more exciting.

When you start Forest's timer, a tree starts growing. If you cannot resist the temptation of using your phone and leave the app before the timer is up, then the tree withers. Each successful focus block adds a tree to your virtual forest and gives you some gold coins that you can trade for new kinds of trees and power-ups.

Forest started just as a Pomodoro timer, but the team has since added a function that tracks your screen time. You can also tag each focus block and get a report on where you spend your time.

Price: Free (In app purchases).

Truly enjoy this app, been using it for months. It's on constantly with a teacher and a college student. It's appealing to me to be able to see my progress and my dedication over time. Definitely a motivator.” - Google Play Reviewer.


The Best employee time tracking Android apps comparison



Free Plan

Monthly pricing

Work Log

It is a quick, easy and free way to keep track of your shifts and calculate the number of hours worked and wages paid over your pay period.




Application for tracking your personal or working activities.




A simple (yet powerful) time tracker that helps you learn how much your time is worth.

Free for up to 5 users.

Starter $10/user/month, Premium $20/user/month.


A lightning-fast time tracker that increases productivity by quickly generating timesheets.

Free with history limited to 4 weeks.

In-app purchases starting from $1.


A powerful yet very simple project-based time tracker.


In-app purchases starting from $1.


A simple and powerful task manager that allows you to stay organized and keep track of your working hours in real-time.

Free for teams up to three people.

Pro for $4.99/user/month.


Timely is a time-tracking app that uses AI to learn what you work on and automatically categorize it.

Free trial for 14 days.

Starts at $7/month for individuals and $99/month for teams.


An app that uses concepts from video games to make time tracking more exciting.