The Best Employee Timesheet Apps for Employees

Discover our selection of best employee timesheet apps that will skyrocket the productivity in your business and simplify time management.

  • How much time did your employees work on project X over the past week or month?
  • What task did they work on yesterday?
  • How much should you bill client B on the project?
  • What about automated invoices?

As a manager or business owner, one of the challenges to face is tracking time and determining billable hours. You could use a simple timesheet. But once your team is growing, the tasks are multiplying and errors are bound to appear. That is why you have to consider using timesheet software. You will be able to manage the tasks, track time spent on each project, stay on top of billable hours, calculate payroll, generate invoices and manage expenses.

It’s time to optimize your entire work process, by choosing the right timesheet app. This will automatically input employees’ work time and will enhance productivity.

Here is a list of different timesheets software tools and how they can be the digital assistant for your company:

  1. AraHR
  2. BeeBole
  3. ClickTime
  4. Paymo
  5. Toggl
  6. Harvest
  7. Scoro
  8. Hubstaff
  10. Zoho Projects
  11. Replicon
  12. Journyx
  13. TSheets
  14. Clockify
  15. Everhour
  16. Timely
  17. Timecamp


One of the best timesheet apps built for small and medium-sized businesses, AraHR is the key to track time easily. 2 options are available: automated time tracking, with a timer, or manually entries. Facilitate the approval process, gain an accurate perspective on important HR and payroll data and reduce administrative costs.


  • Time Clock
  • Friendly-user timesheets
  • Customizable approval workflows
  • Multiple automation
  • Great price

Pricing: from $1,5/month per 10 users



Used by companies of all sizes, BeeBole is not only a timesheet app but also a business intelligence app. Managers who use BeeBole benefit from flexible time tracking, absence and holiday management and easy way to monitor costs.


  • Daily, weekly and monthly timesheets
  • Available in 8 languages
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Entries approval and lock
  • Integrations with ERP and billing software, and G Suite.

Pricing: $5.99/month per user. Free trial for 30 days.



If you need something more than just a timesheets app, ClickTime is the tool you want.
It’s great for businesses that want to track billable hours but also employee time usage, that will allow for detailed analytic reports. Very good for managing budgets, so you will be in control of your money at all times and great at improving productivity.


  • Time tracking using a stopwatch
  • Online timesheets and billable time entries
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Advanced project reporting
  • Analyze project, costs, profit, and billings
  • Predicting the time needed for tasks

Pricing: From $9/month per user



Well known among freelancers and small companies, Paymo is the tool you want for a combination of time tracking, planning, scheduling, and task management. Its accounting features make it useful also for billing. If your employees forget to turn on the timer before work, Paymo is there to save the day: PaymoPlus runs in the background and scans what they are doing on their computer.


  • Automatic time tracking
  • Mobile and desktop apps for accurate time tracking
  • Drag and drop timesheets
  • Dashboard with a view of your team’s performance
  • Billing clients for completed tasks

Pricing: free for freelancers. From $9.56/month per user



Even though it’s not a timesheet software in itself, Toggle is recommended for companies that want to track their worked time and then use the information in the form of reports. Ease to use and with a friendly design, Toggl appeals to a lot of teams.


  • Accurate time tracking for unlimited projects and subprojects
  • Work timer
  • Comprehensive reports showing team progress
  • Integrations with various apps, such as Trello, Asana or Scoro.

Pricing: from $9/month per user



One of the most popular timesheet software on the market, Harvest is the tool you need to see exactly how much are your employees working. Time tracking at its best. But also with great invoicing features and expense tracking. The timesheet data you get will be the key to smarter reporting and invoicing.


  • Real-time reports on time spent
  • Tracking time with desktop and mobile apps.
  • Getting crucial information on budget and costs
  • Creating invoiced based on billable hours

Pricing: Free and paid plans from $12/month per user



With Scoro you will be handling an all-in-one business management software aimed to bring you people, projects, sales data, and reports together. It’s some of the best timesheets apps because it allows you to check the time spent by your employees and their progress, but also the general status of your business. Schedule work, meetings, assign tasks or track billable time- you name it, Scoro does all of these.


  • Tracking both the actual and billable time
  • Real-time dashboards
  • CRM and quoting
  • Detailed reports on everything: time and work, sales, finances, etc
  • Automated billing and easy invoicing
  • Great range of integrations available

Pricing: From $19/month per user.



Hubstaff is extremely useful for companies who work with remote employees since it allows you to take screenshots and assess activity levels. It’s also of great help in making automated payments to your employees, for the work completed.


  • Activity view with screenshots
  • Manual and automatic time-tracking
  • Numerous integrations
  • GPS tracking
  • Timesheets and payments

Pricing: From $7/month per user.

Small and medium-sized businesses love the app because is simple to use for both managers and employees. If you are looking for a straightforward timesheet tool, stop at You can do time tracking with a clock or enter it manually. Reporting is also a strong aspect of this tool and don’t forget about leave management.


  • Tracking actual and billable time, expenses and mileage
  • Mobile access
  • Powerful reporting
  • Setting bill rates per employee or on a global level
  • Billing and job costing, payroll calculations

Pricing: From $4,5/month per user.


Zoho Projects

Considered to be some of the best apps for timesheets, Zoho Projects allows you to manage not only projects, but also subprojects, tasks, task lists, subtasks, and dependencies. Time tracking is much easier with this app: employees can log their billable and non-billable hours using timesheets. Also, thanks to the integration with Zoho Invoice, you get automatically generated invoices.


  • Timesheets record the start and the end date of each task
  • Export timesheets in numerous formats
  • Create automated invoices and bill clients
  • Charts that provide a complex visual on the schedule and progress of your tasks
  • Available in 17 different languages

Pricing: From $25/month.



An app that appeals rather to large companies than small and medium-sized, Replicon is an all-inclusive software that will allow you to gain a comprehensive overview of the time your employees spend at work. The multitude of features is what sets it apart from other apps: time tracking, time off and attendance management, expense tracking, client billing or wage and hour compliance.


  • Timesheets and time tracking
  • Analytics on costs, expenses, and time usage
  • Expense management
  • Project management based on localization

Pricing: On request.



While some may consider Journyx to be an average tool, it has some good points can be attractive to some organizations: the possibility to monitor the time worked and time off, resource scheduling, complex reporting and Gantt Charts.


  • Customizable dashboards, through which you can monitor the exact data needed
  • Tracking resource usage across projects and non-project activities
  • Reviewing schedules

Pricing: On request.



Among the timesheets apps you will discoverTsheets. With the online app, you can easily track time on any device to streamline payroll, send accurate invoices, and save thousands each year.


  • GPS location tracking
  • Job and shift scheduling
  • Integration with ADP and Quickbooks.

Price: $8 per user, per month, + $20 base fee per month


A totally free app,Clockify is the solution for detailed time tracking, reporting and project management. You can add as many users as you need, and they can track time either manually, or using a timer.


  • Easy to use
  • Focus on time tracking

Price: Clockify pricing varies based on four plans: Free, Plus ($9.99/month), Premium ($29.99/month), and Server (self-hosted, starts at $450/month billed annually). 


Known as an all-inclusive app,Everhour has pretty much everything you need: time tracking, extensive reporting, expense tracking invoicing and scheduling. Project management won’t be a problem. You can manage tasks, use sections and tags or set up budgets.


  • Weekly timesheets that allow time recording for multiple days at once
  • Multiple integrations: Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Trello.
  • Multiple time formats
  • Highly customizable reports

Price: From $7/month.


If you are a fan of automatic time tracking,Timely is the app you should consider. When using this intuitive software, you will also have the chance to improve it, because its Magical Memory Tracker will do the trick. Get a complete overview of your team’s working time and performance with the extensive dashboards. You can also document all the overtime.


  • Suggestions offered by the app, based on your tracking trends
  • Extensive reporting
  • Project and team planning

Price: From $14/month for freelancers, from $99/month for teams.


Considered as one of the best app for timesheets,TimeCamp has a various range of features that can appeal to teams of all sizes. The tracking of time is fully automatic and you can work without problem and interruption, since the desktop app works in the background. Estimating costs is also easy, since you can see exactly the billable and non-billable hours. Comprehensive reports are also available.


  • Attendance tracking
  • Billable hours tracking
  • GPS tracking

Price: From $5.25/user/month billed annualy.

Best timesheet apps comparison

AppBest forType of trackingFree planFree trialMonthly price
AraHRTime tracking and absence management toolManual or automaticFor a maximum of 9 users


$1,5/month per user

BeeBoleBusiness intelligence dataManual or automaticNot available30-day $5.99/month per user

ClickTimeUseful timesheets for billing and reportingManual or automaticNot available14-dayFrom $9/month per user

PaymoTracking time for freelancers and small companiesAutomaticFor freelancers - 1 user15-dayFrom $9.56/month per user
TogglTimer-based time tracking system with a budget planning toolManual or automatic (with desktop app)
Available30-dayFrom $9/month per user
HarvestTime tracking and expense monitoring toolManual1 person-2 projects30-dayFrom $12/month per user
ScoroTime tracking, automated billing and invoicingManual or automaticNot available14-dayFrom $26/month per user.
HubstaffTracking time for remote employeesManual or automaticFor 1 user14-dayFrom $7/month per user 
Timesheets.comTracking time, expenses and mileageManual or automaticFor freelancers- 1 useravailableFrom $4,5/month per user
Zoho ProjectsComparative planning and task managementManual or automaticFor a maximum of 5 users10-dayFrom $25/month
RepliconTimesheets, analytics and task management for large companies.Manual or automaticNot availableAvailableOn request
TSheetsTime tracking, timesheetsManual or automaticNot available14-days$8 per user/month + $20 base fee/month
JournyxTime and expense tracking Manual or automaticNot availableNot available
On request
ClockifyTime tracking and reportingManual or automaticAvailable - for as many users as you needNot neededPlus ($9.99/month)
EverhourTime tracking, expense tracking, scheduling Manual or automaticAvailableAvailable From $7/month
TimelyAutomated time trackingAutomaticNot available14-dayFrom $14/month
TimeCampBillable hours trackingManual or automaticFor one userNot availableFrom $7 per user/month

Using a timesheet software will enable you to keep track of your employees’ productivity and bill your clients accurately. We cannot make a choice for you. You need to consider your company’s size, nature, workflow, and business processes. Keep researching and testing new options until you find a suitable one!