Team Vacation/Absence Calendar

Team calendars provide an accurate and transparent digital representation of the absences in a team. At any moment, you can find out how many employees are absent, the reason for their absence, and for how many days they’ll be off. Improve planning and boost productivity with dedicated HR software.

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Track employees’ absences

Keep your team informed and productive by tracking absences. The team vacation/absence calendar app will tell you who’s off and for how long. Make sure the team has enough human resources to finish its task on time. Analyze absence trends and make better decisions.

Improve leave planning

You’ll have all the details you need to plan the next vacation in one view. The team vacation/absence calendar app is great for leave planning and avoiding leave clashes.

Use intuitive digital solutions

The team vacation/absence calendar app is a web-based software, easy to access and use. It has reduced costs and maintenance, automatic updates, and easy setups. It can handle all types of leave and paid time off, and you can customize it for your company’s profile. A fantastic digital solution for small and medium companies.

Invest in mobility

Allow your workforce to work from home, request paid time-off on the go, and check the team calendar from wherever they are. Mobility is important. The team vacation/absence calendar app provides 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.

Employee documents

It is challenging to find data scattered across cabinets, emails, and sheets? Now it is different. Store contracts, handbooks, and other essential HR documents safely. Get a notification when these are about to expire.

Integrate with popular calendars

Automate HR processes as much as possible. Integrate with the calendar you already use and reduce the time spent training employees.

Accurate data for each employee

The team vacation/absence calendar app provides accurate data for each employee. Get monthly or yearly reports for any of the staff members. You can track all types of leave, check the vacation allowance, and generate reports for payroll.

Don’t worry about bank holidays

The team vacation/absence calendar app includes bank holidays from multiple countries. And you can import what you don’t find in the default settings. You can also add any special holidays or paid-time-off granted by your company.

Don’t worry about notifications

The team vacation/absence calendar app sends instant notifications to people in charge whenever a leave request is submitted. Moreover, it updates an employee’s status when he or she isn’t at the office. The team knows who’s working from home or has a day off.

Increase productivity by providing tools for better team management. Use the team vacation/absence calendar app to plan tasks, monitor leave balances, track absences, and schedule paid time-off.