HR Administration and controls

ARA is a powerful Human resource software to ensure flexibility while facilitating process automation and simplifying administration.

Managers, Admins, and Users

In terms of permissions, the time management app ensures a differentiation among various types of users. No more spreadsheets with full access to everyone.


Setup your approval workflows to match your internal policies. Set up one or multiple approvers.

Alerts and email notifications

You receive an email notification when your summer vacation request is approved and also when your timesheet is rejected, or you forgot to provide mandatory HR data in your profile.


You can set up absence policies, staff working hours, time tracking rules, and much more.

Audit trail

If you need to see when a job position was changed, or when a leave request was rejected. No problems. There is the possibility to track when a specific setting has been made.

Custom access rights

If you need to provide some extra access to a particular manager or HR staff. With ARA, it’s now possible.