The Best Time Tracking Apps for 2024

Looking to improve the productivity of your employees with a new time tracking tool? We put toghether a list of favourites so you don’t have to waste more hours to discover the best apps in the market.

There is one small, but vital detail that haunts every manager: time tracking. It’s no surprise that nowadays small and medium businesses have to choose from such a wide range of time tracking tools and apps. It’s very much-needed help from technology. If you are constantly working with deadlines, if you could use a boost in productivity and an easy way to stay on top of tasks, we can help you choose the right tool for your company and employees. 

We have put together a list of 12 of the best time management apps that will do the trick for you. Because we know employees are bored with paper timesheets and prefer a breath of fresh air.

But first, let’s see how to convince your employees to track their time:

  • Talk to them about the benefits of time tracking: creating an obligation for them to track their time may send the message that you don’t trust them. So sit down with them and explain that lack of trust is not the issue. But the company’s profit. Which can be higher if time tracking is correctly implemented. Profit also leads to bigger bonuses for them, so it’s a win-win. On the other hand, you need to track time because is a great instrument for future planning, scheduling and it eliminates possible promises to clients that you cannot keep: you promise 10 days for a project and you cannot deliver it.
  • Offer training and support: make sure every single employee(even those in leadership) are trained about how to fill in their timesheets, submit them and estimate their work. You can also create a digital guide, to be accessed at all times.
  • Compensate employees for a great job in time tracking: rewards are always a good idea. If employees are constantly submitting timesheets on time and accurately, consider offering a small gift or maybe an extra day of “home office”.
  • Ask for their opinion: every company needs different things. So not every app will be a fit for you. When choosing the one you want to implement, ask your employees for input: they can test 2 or 3 apps and their opinion will be a great help for you.

Top Employee Time Tracking Apps

There are so many more, but we recommend you first check out these apps. One of them is likely to be suitable for your people and your business time tracking needs.

  1. AraHR
  2. Harvest
  3. Trello
  4. Toggl
  5. Hubstaff
  6. Asana
  7. Timecamp
  8. Rescuetime
  9. Clockify
  10. Freckle
  11. Scoro
  12. Replicon
  13. ClickTime

To discover more about each one of these time management apps and how it can help your company, find more information about each one of them, by clicking on the links above, or going one by one below.


AraHR helps you save time and money with its automated time-tracking software. But that’s not all. With Ara, you can also keep track of absences and leaves. Cut down on the administrative work and improve the productivity within your organization with our new easy online employee timesheets.


  • Work-hours tracker, employee time card;
  • Employee database and records;
  • Strong HR reporting;
  • Powerful integrations;
  • Easy to use interface.


  • Free for up to 9 users,
  • Pro from $1,5/month for more than 9 users.


One of the most notorious time tracking and billing tools, Harvest is also known for its user-friendly interface. The downside is that you’re limited to tracking time for two projects. If you need tracking for unlimited projects, the tool is no longer free. Time tracking can be made from your devices with desktop and mobile apps.


  • Displays a light-feature set;
  • Integrates with iOS, Android, and Apple Watch;
  • Tracking billable and non-billable hours across the company;
  • Creating estimates and invoices based on the worked hours.


  • Free for one user for two projects,
  • $12/user/month for unlimited projects.


Trello is known for enabling users to visualize projects and tasks on a dashboard. Tracking assignments in a highly visual way is their strong point. You can flexibly prioritize projects.


  • Creating cards for tasks that are up for completion;
  • Simple assignment management through the cardboard;
  • Managing lists by dates or priority;
  • Collaborate on projects;
  • File and image sharing.


  • Free for personal use,
  • $9.99 user/month for businesses.


Toggl is a popular app for businesses that need to track time for separate teams, who work on different projects. It has hundreds of integrations so it can easily be added to your team’s current workflows. Time management is only effective if every hour of every employee is accounted for. Toggle is the perfect tool for this.


  • Unlimited projects for accurate time tracking;
  • Both online and offline time tracking;
  • Very useful feature: tagging - ensures that all projects, clients, and tasks are simple to find and evaluate.


  • $9/user/month,
  • $18/user/month for one special feature,
  • $49/user/month for all special features.


If you want to track the actual worked time AND the leisure time of your employees, this is the app you need. Hubstaff can run in the background of a user's computer and take screenshots regularly to make sure your employees are using their time productively. You can also make up online schedules easily.


  • Tracking the time spent on assignments with screenshots;
  • High level of reporting;
  • Emailing custom reports to clients;
  • GPS tracking;
  • Automated payments: releasing payments to employees based on the time worked.


  • Free for 1 user/month,
  • $5/user/month for Basic package,
  • $10/user/month for Premium package.


Not just a time tracking tool, Asana is of great help in project management, file storage, and collaboration. Team managers can manage projects, by dividing the tasks and assigning them to each employee. Asana has a really simple layout and it’s very accessible in terms of usage.


  • Organize your tasks into projects for plans and timelines;
  • Review assigned milestones, and check on your team’s progress;
  • Creating custom templates for work;
  • Creating private projects for sensitive tasks, so protected data stays secure.


  • Free for up to 15 members;
  • Premium from $9.25 user/month.


TimeCamp is a tool used and recognized for employee time tracking, payroll, and billing clients. It integrates with your calendar and tracks billable and non-billable hours. It’s valuable for companies that want to combine time tracking with invoicing in one app.


  • Automatic billable & non-billable time tracking;
  • Mobile & desktop apps;
  • Over 100 integrations;
  • Calculating income based on time worked.


  • Free Solo plan (one user),
  • from $5.25 user/month for larger teams.


The perfect app to tell you how much time are you wasting. RescueTime helps in understanding daily habits so that both employees and managers can be more focused and productive. Every employee gets personal reports and recommendations based on their own time.


  • Detailed reports showing which applications and websites employees spent their time on,
  • Setting goals for the day,
  • Tracking offline activity.


  • Free -basic,
  • Premium - from $9/month.


One of the most known apps, Clockify is a 100% free tool used for time tracking. Maybe one of the simplest on the market. The tool simply uses a digital stopwatch that employees can start and stop for each task when they start and complete them. The tool then automatically logs the time put in for each completed task.


  • Tracking time using a timer;
  • Logging time in a timesheet;
  • Marking time as billable;
  • Allocating specific lengths of time to each project.


  • 100% free - Unlimited time tracking;
  • $9.99 /month - Plus control (lock timesheets, time rounding, time audit);
  • $29.99 / month - Premium (alerts, bulk edit reports);
  • $450/month - Server (host on your server).


With an intuitive platform, Freckle’s goal is to make time tracking an enjoyable activity. Known as a solid tracking tool, it’s also appreciated for its easy to use reporting function.


  • Using tags to track projects and to navigate between billable and non-billable tasks;
  • Dashboard that shows your time expenses;
  • Running complex reports;
  • Mac timer app, iPhone app, mobile web app.

Price: From $49/month for 5 users


With Scoro you cover not only time tracking, but also the entire business management your organization needs: billing, client management, project & task management, reporting. With this complex too, you can enhance collaboration and productivity, since all business processes are handled from one place.
Known as a solid tracking tool, it’s also appreciated for its easy to use reporting function.


  • Visual custom dashboards for tracking progress within projects/tasks;
  • Automating late invoice reminders, scheduled and recurring invoicing;
  • Extensive project and client management;
  • Enterprise-level reports on work, sales, budgets.

Price: From $19 user/month


Replicon is an all-inclusive multi-feature tool that will help your company to track the time spent on work and bill your clients for completed projects. It’s useful for tracking time, attendance, expenses and time off.


  • Multiple billing rates for different users;
  • Analytics on time usage - worked hours or time off;
  • Enterprise time management;
  • Project management.

Price: from $60/month for 5 users.


If you need a tool that does more than time tracking, you should consider Clicktime. It’s great for tracking billable hours, for future planning and for reporting on employee time and performance. Your employees will be happy with the easy-to-use timesheets, and they will be able to record work hours on their iPhone or Android phone, even in offline mode.


  • Time tracking using a stopwatch;
  • Analyzing project profit, administrative costs, and billings;
  • Managing employee availability-including time off tracking;
  • Predicting the time needed for tasks.

Price: From $9 month/user.


So now you have a list of goal tracker apps with different features that can help you accomplish your targets. There is no “right” choice for every business, so you may want to dedicate some time into choosing a suitable time-tracking software tool.

Whether you want an app to tailor your needs, these goal tracker tools offer great and tangible features for your business while keeping your employees happy.