HR and Time Management Software Solutions

AraHR has the right combination of tools to help you manage your employees HR and time successful regardless of the size of your business. Because of it’s wide mix of modules and use-cases we believe that small business, fast growing startuos, mid-size busineess will be able to use successfully this cloud based software.

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The benefits of using Ara’s HR Solutions

  • Better organization: All information is available in the cloud, and it’s always updated, so you don’t need to search through countless cabinets.
  • Saving time: Cut tedious, repetitive HR tasks with the HRIS. Time off requests can be requested, approved, or declined in seconds.
  • Improved HR strategy: Since less time is spent on administrative tasks, HR professionals can focus on initiatives that bring value to the organization, as a whole.
  • Employee engagement: Empowering your employees will make them feel appreciated, motivated, and involved. They will enjoy the self-service, having their HR portal available anytime.

Check out HRIS. We will be more than happy to get your business to the next level. Streamline all your workflows and forget about paper files and folders.